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Since 1947, they started traditional JAPANESE paper manufacture with modern equipment at Kawanoe (home to Japan paper industries), they have been totally devoted to specialty paper. They have since been credited officially several times, as with the National Inventor's Award, Fujiwara Award and the first Science & Technology Agency's Award, for their synthetic paper development work. Today they are a firmly established leader in the Japanese specialty paper industry.

We all live in a resource-conscious, environmentally sensitive world these days and people are learning about new possibilities of paper as a gentle material. What do we really need on this planet, and what do we truly mean by wealth?

Miki Tokushu Paper Mfg. Co. Ltd is striving to answer the question in their own way, by inventing one new piece of paper after another. They each are, with the creative mind of an entrepreneur, pursuing a mission of research and development.

In this age of transition and in the future, they will respond to our changing needs as we always have.

Filters and Allied Products
"Ecological produts" developed for conservation of nature:
Air and moisture permeability of paper is essential to many products around one's life-tea bags, coffee filters, rayon paper that seals off the taste of a food, etc. Notice how clean and convenient these products are.
"Kenaf". our new paper material, helps prevent exhaustion of standing timber. Not just a substitute for wood, this environment-friendly stuff has infinite possibilitird. In time, it will help make our daily lives more of an amenity we enjoy now.

Chlorine-free filters and unbleached filters-non-pollutants.

For food sanitation: Rayon paper wraps for cakes, and meat casings.
Kenaf-made garbage bags that drain moisture.
This stops even 0.1rim particles: Dust bags for electrical cleaners.
Electronic Supplies
Industrial applications of paper as an ideal insulator
Some of theserarely hit your eye - Wire insulating paper used by power and communication companies ; Axial tapes, separators for dry cells and batteries, etc. that simplify the fixing of electronic components.
And others are more familiar, like speaker cones (B.O.B.paper)that bring you listening pleasure. All these broadly assist the latest in electronics and new-media activities, probably to make your life in the 21st century more enjoyable than now.
JIS qualifiers, the hallmark of reliability and safety :
Insulating paper for transformers (coil insulating paper, pressed boards)
Electrical wire clothing "Hi-Yell."
Axial tapes for mounting electronic components.
Speaker cones, the creators of beautiful sounds: Those for audio equipment (B.O.B.paper)
Separators for batteries.
Tapes and Allied Products
Household products that make house keepers happy:
For people to lead rational and comfortable life, product engineers use the strength of paper in various ways. Here are but few examples-Masking tapes used in painting sheet metals and architectural components; paper bands with which banks strap money; Noodle processors' paper belts.
Masking tapes that facilitates painting work.
Paper bands for bankers, a prestigious sign of credibikity.
Paper belts for noodle makers to bundle their products neatly.
Interior and Decorative Products
Inter decorative supplies made of supple paper.
"Mikiron" the rayon paper for 'shoji' doors,preceded the advent of all other synthetic fiber papers. Crepe paper for a variety of paper crafts. And gold and sliver foil bases.
From natural resources and synthetic materials, paper comes in many beautiful forms and fill the needs of creative designers.
Colorful crepe paper.
"Mikiron." a rayon paper for 'shoji' doors, should and does have the touch of old Japanese style paper.
Make-up oils absorbers, a must for lady folk.
Gold and silver foil bases(or in strings)-made deliberately to look metalic for fine kimono.
Mats and coasters for painters' utensils-coordinators of a restful life style.
Medical Products
"Nonwoven fabrics." an amazing substitute for textiles.
Nonwoven fabrics" used for medical purposes, esp. those employed for prevention of nosocomial infection where therapy and surgery take place, exercise their unique merit of retaining air permeability but removing germs. These are applied to surgeons' attire, masks and sterilized packing materials. Stringent quality control in manufacturing and processing leads to their extensive usage.

Sterilized bags for surgical tapes, injection needles, etc.
Nonwoven fabrics prevent (in-hospital) infection.


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