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M/s. Amcor Flexibles Kreuzlingen AG., Switzerland

Aluminum Foil for Capacitors
For Condenser foil, M/s Amcor Flexibles Kreuzlingen, AG, is having a leading position in the world market by maintaining product quality and service on a high level and they are the main supplier for foils ranging from 4.5 micron with mechanical and/or laser slit foil.

For Power Capacitors in electrical utility systems and industrial networks as reactive shunt compensation for power factor improvement.

  • Aluminium Thickness : 4.5/1000 to 6/1000 mm, both mechanical and laser slit foil.
  • Widths: 100 to 480 mm.
  • For Consumer Electronic, Microwave oven (MVO) and Motor Vehicle Electronic (Components).

Amcor is a multinational, market-driven company and a global leader in developing and producing high - quality, responsible packaging for a variety of food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical-device, home and personal-care and other products. It has 200 Sites in 43 countries with 35000+ Employees. 

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